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Optimizing Yourself

What counts

No doubt you get a lot of emails from companies urging you to optimize this or that. Or else all heck will happen to your practice. Optimization for your web site is useful in many ways, but the biggest and most productive optimization campaign you can undertake is a personal one.

One client forwards those optimization pitches to us no less than 10 emails a month with the query, "Is this useful for us?"

Sometimes there is a sensible take away, but what you don't see is a focus on personal interaction. (Remember the old days when business was by personal referral??? Whatever happened to that!?)
I tell him his best optimization is being nice, comforting, un-rushed and staying focused on being as hype-less as possible. THAT's optimization.
P.S. We'll take on the subject of hype in another blog. This industry is drowning in hype. You don't want to get sucked into the whirlpool...
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