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Chatbots - Worth It or Not?

AI for the uninitiated

Do I Need a Chatbot?

At every conference and seminar you're being bombarded with "chat's where it's at"!

Is it?'s a list of why chat could be "where it's at".

  • You routinely have callers waiting on hold
  • Your call staff must repeatedly provide generic information that's easily found on your site
  • You don't have a good lead generation system
  • You don't like the idea of paying for "live agents" who don't know your business
  • You recognize that people want engagement but are not always ready for a chat with a human

What Do Chatbots Cost?

You could easily spend $25,000-50,000 for a sophisticated chat platform.

Or you could spend $0 for a totally do it yourself platform like Gobot if you have a slightly tech nerd in your office.

If you can budget $400-$600 per month, you can easily have a custom chatbot that will pay for itself in a few days.

The Fallacy of Free via Facebook

Be careful here. Messenger and Facebook aren't free for no reason. The Messenger bot forces your site visitor to be logged in and agree to their tricked out wonderful handover of privacy.

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