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Bragging is like Brylcreem, a little dab will do ya'!

It's NOT About You


A lot of physicians forget that it's really never about them, it's always about the customer. It's fine to showcase your awards and credentials, but do it discreetly.

It's great when greatness can be claimed, but really, are newsletters where you want to brag? Are you the only news? Don't forget why your subscribers subscribed - they want to learn something that they don't know. Use your newsletter space to provide something they can add to their knowledge bank. (It's okay to LINK to your accomplishments - just don't make them the main topic).

What do you want your newsletters to accomplish?

  • Newsletters are meant to engage people.
  • Teach them something they don't know.
  • Show them something that wows.
  • Get them to the smile; better yet, get them to laugh. Laughter creates an immediate bond.
How? You can do this with imagery and still stay "professional".  Incorporate a humorous quote that blends in with your message. Tell on yourself. You probably have tons of stories from medical school, residency and other stages of your career that are hilarious. Your readers are people just like you and me. We all love that stuff.
And we all don't love bragging...
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